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American Equity has been recognized by A.M. Best Company and Standard and Poor’s Rating Services for our commitment to sound business principles and financial strength.  These ratings reflect our integrity and stability in the insurance industry.

A.M. Best, a worldwide insurance-rating agency, is the largest and oldest company dedicated to providing detailed reports and financial strength ratings about insurance companies.  Contract owners refer to A.M. Best’s ratings and analysis to assess the financial strength of insurance companies.  The rating is a measure of performance in the areas of investment quality, policy reserves, capital adequacy, cost control and management experience.
A.M. Best has assigned American Equity an “A-” (Excellent) rating, reflecting their current opinion of the financial strength and operating performance of American Equity relative to the norms of the life/health insurance industry. A.M. Best utilizes 15 rating categories ranging from A++ to F. An “A-” rating from A.M. Best is its fourth highest rating. For the latest rating, access www.ambest.com.  Rating effective 8/2/2006, affirmed 4/14/2016.
Standard and Poor’s has a history that dates back more than 150 years and is known to investors worldwide as a leader of financial-market intelligence.  Today, Standard and Poor’s provides investors with market information like credit ratings, indices, investment research and risk evaluations and solutions.
Standard and Poor’s rating service has recognized American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company® with an “A-” rating.  An insurer rated “A” has strong financial security characteristics, but is somewhat more likely to be affected by adverse business conditions than are insurers with higher ratings.  Ratings from ‘AA’ to ‘CCC’ may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories.  Rating effective 8/5/15.