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Our Approach to Business


American Equity came to life 20 years ago at a time when most insurance companies were selling, consolidating, merging and divesting.  American Equity hit the ground running with a strategy based on people, service and a vision for the future.
The results speak for themselves.
Today, American Equity is the Number 3* Producer of Indexed Annuities in the United States. We’ve grown from zero to more than $48 Billion in assets** with over 500 employees and over 23,000 agents - in 20 years. 
At American Equity, our goal is to ensure our contract owners a better standard of living through tax-deferred wealth accumulation and premature death protection. One of our fundamental business principles is to protect our contract owners’ money.  We satisfy this commitment and promise by maintaining an exceptionally high-quality asset portfolio.
Our conservative investment approach produces long-term results that withstand tough economic times.  We focus on our contract owners and put their financial needs and best interests first.  We offer innovative, safe and secure products that encompass competitive caps and interest rates. 


*Source:  https://www.looktowink.com/2017/04/winkoverall/
**Liabilities as of 12/31/16 are $45 Billion