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Form 1099-R for Annuity Distribution

Form 1099-R is used to report distributions from accounts such as pensions, annuities, retirement plans, IRA's, and insurance contracts. If you received a Form 1099-R from us, you received a reportable transaction from an annuity contract. You may have received more than one Form 1099-R if you had reportable transactions from multiple contracts, transactions involving multiple distribution codes, or you received transactions when living in different tax residency states. Following is a list of transactions on your annuity contract that may be reported on a 1099-R. 
  • Partial Withdrawal 
  • Systematic Withdrawals 
  • Lifetime Income Benefit Payments 
  • Annuitized Payments 
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) 
  • Full Surrender 
  • Death Claim Payout 
  • Roth Conversion 
  • Ownership Change 
  • Collateral Assignment 
  • Free-look Cancel  
  • Internal Rollover 
  • 1035 Exchange


Form 1099-R

Important 1099-R Information: 

Recipient ID#: The nine-digit tax identification number is truncated to show only the last four digits. 
Account number: Your annuity contract number. 
Box 1: Reports the total distribution from the annuity, and may or may not be the taxable amount. 
Box 2a: Generally reports the taxable amount. There are multiple reasons this may be left blank, including: 
  • Distribution is from a Roth IRA
  • Distribution is from an annuity contract that is not in an IRA or qualified account
  • Distribution was a 1035 exchange 
Box 4: Reports federal income tax withheld from your distribution. 
Box 7: Provides a distribution code that indicates the nature of the distribution, and will provide information to assist in determining how the distribution needs to be reported on your tax return. A list of distribution codes is provided in the Box 7 paragraph on the reverse side of your 1099-R document. 
Box 12-13: Reports any state tax withheld and the taxing jurisdiction for the recipient
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company® does not offer legal, investment, or tax advice. Please consult a qualified professional.